Joyful, Nature-Inspired Couples Maternity Session | Pease District Park

Sweet Maya contacted me after reading my about page and realizing her and her husband, Jeffrey, were the same as us in so many ways. (I love when that happens!) She is pregnant with their first baby, a girl, and wanted to plan an Austin maternity session that was artistic and nature-inspired.

They both serve in the Marine Corps and are currently based out of San Antonio, so we made arrangements for them to come up here to Austin for their maternity session and turn it into a little babymoon weekend. 

I think their little girl is going to be a sweet soul, like them…. mostly because in addition to Maya being such a radiant and genuine heart, she’s been craving cupcakes nonstop for the last few months. (How freaking cute is that!?) Her husband Jeffrey is so clearly in love with both his beautiful wife and his cupcake in the womb. This made me for an incredible maternity session at Pease Park, filled with non-stop laughs and pure connection. These two were wonderful to photograph–they’re flexible, up for anything, light-hearted and dedicated–getting soaked by the persistent rain without a flinch and never ceasing to smile. Their spirits warmed our hearts so much. 

Congratulations to these two, soon-to-be-three! Send them some love and well wishes in the comments down below. We thank them for their service, sacrifice, and commitment, and for sharing their contagious joy with us for this session. <3

  1. Alma Almada says:

    Aaaawww Maya….. you guys look great! Love all pictures taken… You look so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the link so we could see the amazing moments you two (soon to be three…lol) shared and enjoyed!

  2. Denna Chaber says:

    No words. Just Love.

  3. Lucy says:

    These are so beautiful! Maya, you are glowing <3

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