Creative Painting Photo Session of a local Artist in Austin

Madelyne lives and breathes art. Her home is covered with paintings she’s done herself, she teaches art therapy in her spare time, makes and sells jewelry, and she has a mile long list of extracurricular activities that include published children’s illustrator, henna artist, and more. She wanted a session that embodied her love for color, paint, sunflowers and nature. I told Madelyne to bring along her art supplies and we’d incorporate them into her personal branding story to really show off her creative nature. What I loved most was that as Madelynne began to paint, you could see her get lost in it. We played along Bull Creek, dancing, laughing, and scurrying off to find the next painting location as the sun set into the night.

Personal branding is about being true to you and what you have to offer the world, so when we plan your Austin branding photo session, I want you to think about what you can use to help us tell your personal story and show off who you truly are.

We’ll discuss your vision and ideas, brainstorm together, and then I’ll figure out how to execute that vision for your session!

I love that these photos capture not only Madelyne’s light-hearted yet soulful spirit, but you also get a glimpse of the creative well that runs through her. She even naturally looks like an artist. And I love that I feel woodstock vibes whenever I look through these images and I’m totally reminded of Stevie Nicks. Can’t you just hear the Fleetwood Mac soundtrack playing now?

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