Greenhouse Bohemian Maternity Session at the Sekrit Theater

The first thing that attracted me to Nazley was her magnetic sense of style and her long, graceful frame. She moved and smiled effortlessly and confidently all while being pregnant. But when I got to know Naz, what I learned about her and her family was even more enchanting.

Naz has a radiant heart and her family is full of hope and love for others. They believe in supporting and fostering growth in underserved communities here and abroad. When she’s not working as a Pharmacist supporting a local Austin population in desperate need, she supports her husband who works for a non-profit. They instill hope in communities of extreme poverty, empowering women and children at the forefront.

The Non-Profit is called the Humanity & Hope United Foundation. Naz and her family, along with the non-profit team, work alongside the people in these underserved villages that are in remote parts of Honduras. They focus on helping them to prosper, with love and hope as the fuel of everything that they do.


“Love and Loving people is our end goal.”

I encourage you to learn more about Humanity and Hope and the work they do here


Naz has been raising funds to launch a health care system for the villages. Currently, they are looking for a leader to support and foster the new system. This is vital because it would provide pre/peri/postnatal care for women and would also provide multivitamins and acute illness care for children. If you’re in a position to help, you can donate any amount to the cause here.

Naz explained to me that research has shown that investing in women’s projects and working to empower women has a great return –> 6x ROI! How incredible is that!?

You know me, I think all women deserve to feel better, to feel beautiful, and to be celebrated, especially a woman who supports others. When planning this maternity session, I encouraged Nazley to embrace her natural boho-style and beauty. We both felt like the Sekrit Theater was the perfect location to do it. 

Naz had never had professional photos taken before, so as to be expected, she felt a little unsure. That’s why I talk you through what to expect and I encourage you all the way through. It’s normal to feel a little nervous beforehand and slightly awkward for the first 15 minutes or so of having a camera in your face. You’re not alone in that. Just come as you are, let your guard down and have fun. With that, your beauty and essence will shine through, as it certainly did with Nazley and her charming little family.

Naz spoke about her shoot saying that stepping out of her comfort zone was a brilliant idea and she’s glad she did it.

Alicia made me feel like a true model. I had no idea what I was doing, but she immediately made me feel so comfortable, and I felt so beautiful, without even seeing the pictures.

It is always my goal to send a woman off  feeling more beautiful and confident than before. I hope you will feel inspired to take action to celebrate and document your own life, and I hope these beautiful humans will inspire you to take action to support and empower others. <3 

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  1. Laura says:

    This is a fabulous photo session.
    Laura Jones

  2. Alicia Rios says:

    Thanks so much, Laura! And thanks for taking the time to let me know!

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