Austin Senior Portrait Photography Session | Sekrit Theater

When did senior girls started looking like gorgeous grown women with style and an effortless cool? I was definitely not this cool in high school. (Maybe ever, let’s be real.)

Being a senior is so special— life feels like it’s right on the tips of your fingers, just within your reach in a whole new way, but that also means decisions feel risky and your heart can be weighed down by it all.

That’s why I approach Austin senior sessions and photography like I would any other women’s lifestyle session. We all just want to feel good, celebrate our lives, and be seen. I try to help you own who you are and let your beauty shine, but I also make sure we have a blast while we do it.

Camille is not only gorgeous, she’s also kind and cares about the world (she has already traveled to do volunteer work and make the world a little better) and is clearly intelligent. She has her pick of colleges to choose from!

I am a little biased and think kids should go away for college whenever possible. (I know mom’s probably don’t want to hear that though, and I can totally understand why). But college is not like high school (thank gooooodness). It can be a fresh start, a chance to reinvent yourself even, and I think that’s easier to do when you’re not tied to everyone you knew in high school and feeling like you have to live up to their memories and expectations of who you are/were. And just like all good things in life, making that decision does not come without a whole heap of fear.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re doing it for you. Put yourself and your true wants first. How do you do that? Sit with it. Try to feel the tug in your stomach— where is it leading you? And why? One choice is always just a little louder than the other if we listen hard enough. And don’t be surprised if after the initial feeling settles you immediately feel fear to accompany it. That just means you’re doing it right.

Camille, it was a treat to meet you and a privilege to capture this special time in your life. Believe me, it only gets better from here! Wishing you a great rest of your senior year and an even better college experience! Also, please let me photograph you again. XO

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