Celebrating Childhood with a Family of 4 | Austin Family Photographer


We all know childhood is magical and fleeting… so when your kids show up to your Austin family photo session and they just want to be kids, I want you to know that I get it. They’re allowed to be kids at your family session. Heck, you are too.

My experience as a teacher has taught me a lot about connecting to children, and I know that really your kids just want to be seen. We all just want to be seen. I’m going to see them. And more than that, I’m going to photograph who they are through play, giving them things to do, and pointing out just how great I think they are.

Your photos should not only reflect this moment in your lives together but should also highlight who your kids are and celebrate this special time where they are still exploring the world around them with awe and joy.

None of you need to stare at me and say “cheese.” In fact, I ask that most of the time you try to forget that I’m in front of you and instead focus on each other. I’ll still guide you all the way through, give you gentle reminders, and we’ll even take breaks when they’re needed.

We did so many of these things to capture the photos for this sunrise family session! The Springerley’s recently became a family of 4 and just celebrated their littlest girl turning one. If you blink you miss it, right? So we met at Champion Park in North Austin to capture some new outdoor family photos for their home and preserve these sweet moments while their daughters are still both so young and curious. To me, these photos beautifully capture the spirit of childhood and the adoration children have for their parents and each other.

Thanks so much, Springerley Family! I loved getting to know your girls and photographing the sweet spirit of your family.

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