Common Brand Photography Mistakes to Avoid

When you avoid the common mistakes I see in brand photography time and time again, you help positively position yourself and you stand out from the crowd. Brand photography is an essential part of your business, so take the time to give your photoshoot the thought and care it deserves.

Whether you’re preparing to work with a brand photographer for the first time, or you’re giving it another go after being burned by past experiences, take the right steps and get intentional with your plans so that you set your brand photo session up for success and prevent common photography mistakes.

Doing things that will contribute to the longevity of your photos and position you as a credible professional with real value will pay off for you BIG in the long run.

Here are some of the common brand photo mistakes I often see people make and what you should do instead. 

Avoid these Common Brand Photography Mistakes

Your Brand Photos: What NOT To Do (The Mistakes to Avoid)

Avoid these common brand photography mistakes people make:

  • DON’T try to be too trendy. This common mistake will seriously affect the longevity of your photos. In a short amount of time, you’ll have to either get new ones or risk having an outdated look on your website. 
  • DON’T dress without consideration for your goals and audience. Think about how these photos will be used and also how your intended audience either dresses or would expect you to dress. Wanting to look relatable? Might be a good idea to ditch the pantsuit. 
  • DON’T go into it without a clear plan or direction for your shoot. Brand photos should not be done on the fly. The right brand photographer will help you get intentional about your shoot long before it even happens. 

Your Brand Photos: What To DO Instead

These can mean the difference between booking the kind of clients you love to work with or not. 

  • DO consider your big-picture goals. Think beyond what you want or what you do right now. Be future-minded and ask: Where am I and my business headed? Moving forward, who do I most want to serve? How would I like my business to change or evolve?
  • DO try to stand out instead of fitting in. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Your superpower lies in who you already are or what makes you different. The best brand shoots are always ones that are fresh and different, so open yourself up to new takes or ideas for infusing who you are in a creative way. 
  • DO stretch your comfort zone. There is always room to grow. If what you were doing was already working, you likely wouldn’t need new brand photos. Think of this shoot as a chance to put your best foot forward and get in front of people again. 
  • DO hire a photographer you truly trust. There are some clients – who when I give them a suggestion – respond with: “Okay, I trust you.” These are the ones who get the most magical experience and creative photos. Trust is essential. Hiring someone you don’t completely trust is a surefire way to impede the creative process. 

How Your Brand Photographer Will Help

The best brand photos are always the result of a collaborative process. As you prepare for the experience, there are roles that each of you plays in the process. 

  • Your photographer should be listening to your goals, learning about your business, and finding out what makes you you
  • Your job as the client is to embrace the experience, stay open to new ideas and suggestions from your photographer (remember, it should be someone you can trust!), and to lean into what it can offer you. 
Your Brand Photoshoot should be a collaborative and supportive experience with a branding photographer you trust

What To Expect: Booking Your Personal Brand Photo Session

When you book your session, you’re going to get a whole bunch of information and resources designed to set you up for success and help you avoid these common brand photo pitfalls. I do lots of prep work so that you have everything you need going into the shoot. All you have to do is bring the final pieces with you (your wardrobe, accessories, and any props) and get ready to have fun.

When you go all-in with the Signature Experience, here are a few more of the things I promise to do…

Step Up Your Style

Looking bad should never be your worry because I’m here to worry about that for you. To help you out, the Signature Experience will equip you with both a mood board and a style guide designed to help you step up your looks. And if you still can’t decide what to wear, I’m going to tell you to bring the extras and I’ll help you curate what you have. 

Address Your Concerns

In your Signature Experience planning call, I’ll ask about any concerns you may have and then I’ll be sure to find solutions for those concerns as I create your session game plan

Value Your Trust

Trusting me with your brand photos is never something I take lightly. I’m going to help you stretch your comfort zone and I’m going to give you some creative ideas, but I’m always going to make you look your best and work with your unique business goals in mind.

If you’re in the Austin, Texas area, be sure to check out the heartfelt brand experience.

I can’t wait to help you get started!

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