Creative Personal Branding Session for Local Austin Artist | North Austin Studio

I was thrilled when a local Austin artist contacted me to help her create new branding and lifestyle photos for her website! I could already see the photoshoot in my mind and I knew it was going to be special. Heather’s work is organic, textured, and vibrant and I wanted to help convey that through my photography of her.

She has a zest for nature + adventure and that comes through in everything about her — not just her artwork, which is incredible, by the way. I saw a huge opportunity for us to create photographs that would capture who she is as a woman, a creative entrepreneur and a talented artist here in Austin.

These Austin lifestyle branding sessions take your “business photos” and make them personalized and unique to you, while also showing your audience what the day-to-day is like for you behind-the-scenes. The photos reflect you, the heart of your business, and what about your job brings you joy, so that you let them in on what you do and how you do it differently.

It’s a lot more fun to let people see the real you in your photos— not the buttoned-up version we tend to think we always need to show. Personalized branding photo sessions let you AND your business shine and they help your website and content stick out from the crowd.

For this session, we turned my private studio location into Heather’s art studio for the day. She brought in her paints, supplies, and artwork and we styled it much like her studio at home. Then as the paints came out, I witnessed Heather come to life as she immersed herself in what she loves. It was inspiring!

See for yourself!

If you’d like to check out Heather’s stunning portfolio or learn more about her and her artwork, visit her website here. (She’s rebranding at the moment and I can’t wait to see her new site launch with these gorgeous artist photos of her!)

Thanks for trusting my vision and direction, Heather! It was a blast and I’m so excited for what’s coming your way! XO

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