Editorial Boudoir and Celebrating Women | Austin Texas


When I was asked to do my first boudoir shoot for a client, I found that I quickly fell in love with the process and experience. It was a celebration of self love and femininity, and I connected so much with the woman in front of the lens. I felt like I really saw her.

When I walked out of that room, I knew that I wanted to find a way to eventually incorporate boudoir sessions into my work. But I also knew that the label ‘boudoir photographer’ came with certain connotations and they weren’t necessarily things I identified with.

When you work with me, your ‘boudoir session’ is not about sex or crawling around on all fours. The session is not even designed with men in mind at all. My approach to these intimate lifestyle sessions is more organic and editorial, and the intent is to make you feel beautiful in the skin you’re in and as you are right now.

These Austin Intimate lifestyle and Editorial Boudoir Sessions celebrate and empower you while encouraging your path to self-love and acceptance. I want you to feel and see your real beauty and offer you the chance to really see yourself reflected by another woman; by me. 

Your beauty is not found in the number shown on a bathroom scale, or by the number reflected on the waist of your jeans… it’s found in the little details of your laugh, the quirks that make you you, and the millions of ways you show up for the ones you love. It’s also found in the way you talk to yourself about yourself… what things are you saying when you look in the mirror, when you try on clothes, when you make a mistake? Let the thoughts you have about yourself be kind and beautiful, too.

You don’t have to be in your skivvies or nude to have this experience. We all have different comfort levels and all fall in different places on the spectrum with our journey to self-love, so your boudoir experience can be catered to your current level of comfort. We can meet you where you’re at, but I might nudge you just a smidge. The point is, you can feel stunning and empowered with a sweater or t-shirt on, if that’s where you’re ready to start.

I believe that every woman deserves a photo session that is all about her and just for her.

These sessions, while fun and celebratory, often also bring transformation and healing. 

Let’s work to rewire those negative thoughts you’ve had about yourself. Let’s remind you of how wonderful and beautiful you are so that you can remember this on even your worst days and let’s give you photos you’ll be proud to show off and reminisce over when you’re 80.

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