Exploration and Love with a 2-year Old | Austin Family Photographer

Last year, we met the Miller Family for the first time to photograph their family as their little girl (Z) was turning one. She had just learned how to walk the week before and I couldn’t get over how fast she was. I’d pull up my camera and she’d dart right past it. (View their last session here.)

I was delighted to hear from the Millers again this year as they let me know they were ready for another Austin family session now that Z is turning two! Though Z continues to grow and change, one thing has remained the same— she is her own beautiful force of nature and I’m pretty sure she knows it. She is an active explorer of the world around her and enjoys leading the way and keeping her parents on their toes. She continues to be totally independent and satisfied with calling the shots. This is the beauty that ensued.

(Dear Millers, thank you so much for the privilege of getting to know your family and capturing your sweet lives together for the 2nd year in a row! It has been my pleasure.)

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