Typical bookings occur at least 1-2 months out. The best time to inquire is when you're thinking of having a brand session. Since availability is limited and can happen out pretty far in advance, reach out sooner rather than later. Things take time, including: the consultation & booking process,  planning for your shoot, and the editing/delivery of your gallery.

When possible, it's best not to rush this process so we can deliver you the best results. The more time you give yourself to start the process and get things in order, the better you'll feel overall.

If you're in a time-crunch, still reach out. We can put you on our waitlist in the event an opening pops up, which happens on occasion.



Galleries are delivered within 3 weeks, but it's safe to plan for 4 weeks due to the occasional demands of busy seasons, holidays, vacations, and unexpected events.

Your photos will be professionally edited to include things like color correction, contrast, exposure, etc, and a soft-retouch is applied for headshots and close up images. This soft retouch is to remove temporary blemishes, soften your skin, and brighten your teeth.

I refrain from dishonest editing tactics to alter your body or physical features. This means, I won't adjust your weight, reverse natural signs of aging, or alter your physical features and markings, etc, to make you look like someone you are not. I also don't make edits to your makeup or hair after-the-fact, remove wrinkles or logos from clothing, or add/remove items from your images. 

Read more about my editing ethics and stance on retouching here.


Absolutely. We are happy to work with you and make adjustments when you have physical disabilities, health concerns/issues, or temporary needs -- such as working around breast pumping, scheduling in breaks so your body can rest if you have a physical or health condition, making us aware of dangerous allergies or health conditions, etc. Please feel invited to share this information with us in advance so we can make you comfortable on session day.

I FEEL OVERWHELMED & can't pose, will you help?

Of course! I'll help you get set up and guide you through every part of the process. I'll share things you may want to consider, bring, and plan for. I've encountered all the pain points you're likely feeling and it's why I crafted my Signature Experience to address them. You'll have lots of support. 

The Signature Experience includes a planning call shortly after booking, so right off the bat we'll meet and discuss your needs, concerns, and map out the details.  I'll be here to support you along the way as things come up and I'll have a plan for your session.

During the shoot, I'll coach you through every scene and set, and watch for the magical moments where you're being yourself. You don't need to know what to do, I'll guide you thre whole way through.  You can also view more info, FAQs, and tips to get you started right here. Also, check out the blog which is full of resources and information that you'll find helpful. You can read about my secrets to body language in your photos here.

tell me about the studio & WhAT PROPS ARE AVAILABLE?

The studio is located in North Austin, near I-35 and Wells Branch, and is just past the city line of Pflugerville. This makes it super easy to access and makes parking a breeze. We've got free on-site parking and a door you can pull your car up to for easy unloading. 

The studio is a natural light space of about 1500 sq feet. It includes a kitchenette with a standard fridge and a mircrowave, a foyer, a meeting room, a bathroom, and a large shooting bay for designing sets and taking photos. The studio is bright and clean, with white walls and background options can include our moveable walls or seamless paper. Right after booking, I'll share a resource guide with all the available studio inventory, but you're also welcome to bring in your own. Props available include larger furniture pieces and accessories, including couches, rugs, pillows, end tables, chairs, desks, and plants. 


Before working with our amazing team of Artists, you'll complete a questionnaire about your preferences, normal routine, and any allergies or concerns you have to help us tailor your service. We'll review your notes, inspiration photos, and consult with you before beginning. Your Artist will use years of experience to make suggestions and help you create the best final look for your goals and unique features.

You must arrive with *clean, fully dry hair* and a *clean, makeup-free face* to receive our services. Communicate with your Artist if you'd like to make any changes prior to their departure. You won't hurt our feelings if you want to punch things up or tone things down, promise. This blog post addresses why we recommend you use our team, and things we consider to ensure the best results. 

For on-location sessions, please be sure your Artist will have access to working electrical outlets, a small table or work area, and lots of natural light.


If we're using the studio, we don't offer to split up your session into part-studio and part on-location in one go due to the time, effort, and setup constraints. We don't want to exhaust and overwhelm you and have your images suffer as a result. Loading and unloading, set styling and takedown, travel between places, and hair and makeup all take significant time. By the end of it all, your session has rather unfortunately turned into a long, grueling and not-as-much-fun day. I've had clients say, "remind me not to do it this way again, you were right, it's too much." Trust me: we've tried it and it’s not worth it.

If we're shooting on location, we're happy to move to a nearby location and get you a different set of shots when time and space allow. Just discuss this with us in advance so we can chat about the details and make sure it's a good plan.

Can I bring guests to watch?

Guests are discouraged for several reasons, including:

(1) They're a distraction. The focus comes off of you and what we're here to do. This is YOUR day, but now you're worried about including or taking care of them and so are we.
(2) You're more self-consciousness. Having your photo taken is hard enough without having someone there to watch you and offer their critical opinions. Clients become much less relaxed, even when they were sure it would help.
(3) Your guest gets bored. It sounds fun in theory, but guests lose interest rather quickly because of the nature of things and that they are standing by most of the day.
(4) It interferes with the process. Guests often find themselves constantly moving because they're in the way, we bump into them and trip over them and their things, but most importantly, their presence makes it harder for us to connect with YOU.

We're happy to work with your guests when you're needing them to help us with setup, takedown, or something else specific. Let's chat about it first so we can plan it to work for you instead of against you.


We get it, life happens. However, it's very important we work together to pick a date that offers you flexibility and occurs within a realistic timeframe for you to manage the demands of your session preparation as well as your personal and business affairs. In the event you find yourself needing to reschedule or cancel your session, here are our policies:

Rescheduling may be available but is limited, subject to our team availability, and is not guaranteed as we can book out months in advance. Reschedules may be subject to a rescheduling fee.
*Rescheduling fees may be charged to cover additional labor required to reschedule and Contractor fees.

Cancellations will result in the forfeit of your non-refundable retainer, plus any additional fees incurred for agreed upon incremental services, i.e. specialty props or design services, unless cancellation has been made within 72 hours of signing your Agreement, in which case you'll be charged a 10% cancellation fee on your total invoice but will otherwise be refunded.
*Non-refundable retainers and cancellation fees cover time already spent on your project, contractor fees, lost wages and processing fees.


It's a great idea to buffer your typical day to provide extra wakeup or travel time before your session. We ask for you to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time so that we'll have the chance to unload, talk through your wardrobe, and show you the space before you jump straight into hair and makeup.

Please notify us if you're running behind schedule, but try to stay calm and drive safely. We'll do our best to accommodate you within our means, but it's important to note that late arrivals can leave you with less time for hair and makeup or lost session time.


Since Texas weather can be unpredictable, here's how we like to do things when we're dealing with bad weather:

We will continue coverage under any and all weather conditions, unless the conditions are dangerous and prevent us or you from safely getting to the indoor location.

If conditions are dangerous or likely to prevent us from a successful session, we'll discuss the options of using an alternative location or making the call to reschedule your session. With outdoor locations, we like to monitor the weather in the days leading up to the session but wait on making an official call until anywhere from 6-12 hours out. We've cancelled shoots where bad weather ended up turning and we missed out and then dealt with unnecessary rescheduling hassles. Instead, we recommend watching the forecasts and radar and waiting to make the final call with less than 24 hours, when possible.

What are your covid Policies?

Now that we are all well aware of the Covid-19 virus and its implications, the show must go on. Our team is vaccinated and boosted and adheres to all government guidelines as they pertain to Covid-19. We will continue to perform services as planned if we are legally able to do so under applicable local, state and federal law.

If you are immunocompromised or have other special concerns regarding Covid, please let us know what you need. We are happy to accommodate your concerns by wearing masks and taking additional precautions to the best of our availability.

In the event you need to reschedule because of Covid, please refer to our rescheduling policies above.

do you only photograph women?

Nope, I am happy to photograph everyone!

The majority of my clients tend to be she/her-identifying because I've been able to recognize and relate with many of their personal struggles and because I tailored my services to the common pain points I noticed they experience. A lot of my why and mission is based off of my own experience as a woman in our society. That offers them a safe space to be served and feel seen. Please know that you don't have to be a woman, or identify with she/her pronouns to benefit from or receive my services. 

Do you work with teams?

Yes, I sure do! I've worked with small and large teams, including start-up companies, alongside smaller businesses and solo-preneurs. I'm happy to chat with a member of your team about your specific needs and we can build you a custom quote for these types of services.

"out of this world!"

I was not expecting to feel as comfortable as I did during my photo-shoot with Alicia! Besides how professional she is, the photos she took during my brand session were out of this world! There is not one photo that I did not like! I would recommend Alicia to anyone that is looking for top notch branding photos!

– Daniel Ponce

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