Genuine Family Session at Sunrise | Austin Family Photographer

When you look through this touching, sunrise family session of the Hoppers, I know you’ll see them as the genuine, chock-full of love people that they are. We had the honor of photographing their wedding a few years back and it’s so wonderful to see how their lives have grown and expanded since then. They recently became a family of four as they welcomed their new baby girl into the mix this October. With her arrival, they were finally ready to take their first family photos!

When I asked them what their goals or ideas for the session were, they simply said, “We trust you!” Those words are music to my ears. Not only is it such a compliment, but it frees up the space for us all to just let creativity take control and see what magic happens.

The nature of family sessions is that they’re often unpredictable. Family sessions rarely go as planned and you can count on at least one thing (or several) being less than ideal from what you might’ve hoped or imagined for yourselves. Luckily as parents, you’ve come to expect this from life by now. Way to roll with the punches, parents! What other choice do you really have?

And you know what? Here’s the thing…that unpredictability of your kids is often what I’ve found creates the most meaningful and beautiful connections in your photographs and what allows the space for your photographs to reflect the truth of your family.

Let’s be real…The hardest part for you in all of this will probably be just getting everyone dressed and in the car and then arriving. After that, we’ve all got a limited amount of control over what actually happens at the session—so there can really be a sense of freedom in that if we try our best to smile through it all and embrace what the session becomes.

Thank you for trusting us, you guys! It feels incredible to have a small part in helping you document and share the legacy you leave behind. <3

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