Capturing the Magic of Childhood | Family Session at Landa Library

Just about a year ago we photographed the Nyquists as their little boy L turned one. (Also, I taught him how to booty-bump last year— thank you very much! And now he calls me his honey!) Yes, I know it’s hard to believe he is so young since he is basically gargantuan. I’m thinking he just might outgrow his Dad, David. His size is a running joke in the family because he weighs as much as his 5 year old cousin (maybe more now)!

This year Lisa and David asked us to come to San Antonio again to photograph their family now that Miss A has entered the world. You guys, she’s absolutely adorable. She is giggly all the time, just like her momma Lisa, and has got to be in the running for the happiest baby ever. Photographing this playful family at Landa Library was such a pleasure, particularly because we were able to soak in all of their glorious dimples and stack up on a lot of hugs.

One of my favorite things about Lisa is that she has big, beautiful dimples and her whole face lights up when she smiles and laughs. Her joy is notoriously contagious, you can’t watch Lisa laugh and not also laugh… and sure enough her kiddos caught these darling traits of hers.

These photographs (especially at the end) perfectly capture the magic of childhood to me and showcase the lightheartedness of being a kid in a family that loves you so well.

  1. Gilbert Rios says:

    Just amazing!!!!!

    • Alicia Rios says:

      Thank you so much, Mr. Rios ;)! We are so glad you love the photos and appreciate you taking time to let us know! XO

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