Sunset Family Photos at Mills Pond | The Andersons

We recently met up with the Andersons near their favorite family park for this Austin family session to celebrate their new family of FOUR! Sarah and Wade just had their sweet baby girl this spring and her big brother is delighted to have someone to help look after. It’s so endearing to watch how he naturally dotes on his sister like you would hope a big brother would. Scroll down to see what I’m talking about.

Sarah and Wade are people we admire for their laid-back, go-with-the-flow style. Those traits visibly translate into their parenting, too. They’re always up for anything and not quick to worry or fuss when things don’t go according to plan–they just adjust the plan or throw it right out the window. I think that must be why they have two of the sweetest, most relaxed kids we’ve ever met. Thank you so much for letting us document your beautiful, growing family for all these years. We love you guys!

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