Austin, TX Personal Branding Photo Session for Local Interior Designer

During our branding photo consultation, I learned that not only is Robin a talented and successful local interior designer here in Austin (she’s been featured in several Texas Design Magazines, including the cover!) but that she also has a bit of a hippy-edge and rock n’ roll personality. In fact, she used to be the lead singer of several rock bands growing up and in her 20s! So for her brand and content photos, we wanted to be sure maintain a bit of her vivacious spirit while still making sure she came across as professional in her photos.

Robin’s main goal for her Austin Branding Photo Session was to attract a high-end market that trusted her with the creative control and direction of their design project while getting the sense that she was artistic and fun.

Ideally, her clients would know that she could handle their project and make life easy for them throughout the process and they’d feel good about giving her the wheel. This drove several of our creative and stylistic decisions… we wanted to establish credibility and also create a sense of whimsy.

Used to working with complicated plans and designs, Robin brings her passion and personal style to the table too. She creates one-of-a-kind designs that can accommodate pretty much anything the heart desires. In her photos, you get a sense of what her work looks like behind the scenes and also can imagine what she’s like to work with.

My favorite thing about Robin was that she told me upfront, “I can tell you know what you’re doing, so I trust you and I am along for the ride!

It’s important that when you hire a brand photographer, you feel that you can trust their vision and process. Why? It leads to results like these: Beautiful photos that capture your true self and let your spirit shine all while helping you up-level your business and content needs in the process!

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