Women are Sacred | Photographing the Spirit of a Soulful Austin Woman

As we strolled down the dusty Ladybird trail to reach the Austin boardwalk, Taylor clasped her canvas tote bag etched with the words, “Women are Sacred.” Even as gorgeous as she is, Taylor’s fire red hair and freckles are not the most beautiful thing about her. She is otherworldly, captivating and sincere.

The tote and its words are a fitting accessory for Taylor and for my approach to photographing women: Women are Sacred.

Taylor is a powerful entrepreneur and lifestyle design coach, working with women to help them achieve the career and life of their dreams. She inspires and guides creatives to take ownership of core areas in their lives and enact a plan to start living the life they’ve been dreaming of.

When photographing a woman, I always go in to the shoot with a plan in mind but I also joyfully adapt to what’s presented before me. I let the woman inspire her own photographs, watching for the tiny nuances that make her her.

One of my favorite things about Taylor is how her spirit feels otherworldly. She is vivid and jubilant and yet also no nonsense—reminding me of a tender, old soul. Kind and warm with a keen and relaxed sense of humor, but still her passion screams like wildfire through her eyes.

Women are all so beautifully different. I can photograph women in the same location, and yet every woman’s session feels like it’s all her own— because every woman is her own and deserves to be.

Taylor’s photographs mirror her spirit of joy and the soulfulness she embodies so confidently.

If you’re curious about what Taylor does or are looking for an inspiring lifestyle design coach, check her out here.

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