Cloudy Sunrise Reveals Pink Sky | Maternity Family Session in Central Austin

The March morning of this session was gloomy and overcast but the sunrise was incredible. Right before we started this family and maternity session in Central Austin, I got a text from the mom-to-be telling me, “We’re not going to have a good sunrise this morning.” To which I replied, “Yes we sure are! Hurry!”

Fear not, my friends! Contrary to popular opinion, cloudy mornings often mean your sunrise is only more gorgeous because of the contrast and layers in the sky. And it doesn’t last long either…usually less than 5 minutes to seize the light and sky like this. So trust me when I tell you to arrive early so we can catch moments like this! 😉

When the pink light burned up, the clouds still created stunning light. A cloudy day does not mean bad photos, so don’t worry too much if that happens for your session. The cloud filled sky can act as a giant soft box and diffuse the light, making it feel rather dreamy in a different way.

The Masterson family of three planned this outdoor lifestyle family session to celebrate their soon to be family of 4! Another baby girl is on the way, due in May, and we all cannot wait to meet her. Her big sister V is a smart and sassy little firecracker, as you’ll see below. She is known for her hilarious grump faces, so when she breaks out into a huge smile it’s all that more special. But her Dad was the hero of our session as he has no trouble making her smile at a moment’s notice. Momma is always talking about how V is a Daddy’s girl, but you’ve got to see it to truly understand just how much she lights up when he is near. It’s beautiful to see how that happens so early on. We are interested to see how their sweet little addition will complement the family.

Mastersons, we appreciate your trust (and hustle!) in making these photos come together! We adore your family and can’t wait to see how you grow together in the years to come. With love, A + G. XO

  1. Stella says:

    We love you both so much!! Thank you for capturing this precious time in our life. So happy to have these treasures! ❤️

    Also, listen to your photographer, folks! I thought there was no way that we would have a gorgeous sunrise – and BAM! It was one of the best I’ve ever seen! 😍

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