Quirky Pitbull Dog Family Photo Session | Walnut Creek, Austin

On a routine vet visit, Lindsey and Jon asked that a lump on Cami’s ear be checked. It had been seen several times by vets already and dismissed, but recently it had started to rapidly change color and size.

Lindsey insisted they test the lump on Cami’s ear so she wouldn’t have to worry. When the results came in, the vets alerted them that Cami’s lump was cancerous. They were devastated, but glad they got it tested and were hopeful they were acting quickly enough that something could be done.

They had more tests and blood work done and another lump was found in Cami’s mouth. They scheduled surgery to have the lumps removed but this meant that sweet Cami might lose all or some of her ear. 

As every pet owner knows, our pets are an incredibly special part of our family. Lindsey wanted a pet photo session to celebrate Cami and document her two floppy ears before things would change. She wanted photographs that would showcase Cami’s sweet disposition and quirky personality and the things she loved, including her bright red frisbee.

We promptly scheduled her session at Walnut Creek Park, an off-leash dog park here in Austin so Cami would be able to run freely.

As pitbull owners, we already know just how sweet and loyal these dogs are, but meeting Cami was NEXT LEVEL. I brought some peanut butter along for the journey so that I could help sweeten her up, but I never needed it. Cami immediately walked right up to me with a smile, bumping her body gently into mine and licking me. Jon said, “That’s it! She’s adopted you, just like that. You never needed the peanut butter. She loves and accepts everyone she meets.”

UPDATE on CAMI! : Cami’s surgery went very well! They were able to salvage her ear and Lindsey said that somehow Cami’s ears only turned out more symmetrical, haha! They removed all the cancerous lumps they found and her blood work shows that she is free and clear of cancer. They HAD caught it early, so Cami was hardly affected. 

We are so relieved and happy that Cami is well, and want to recap what we think the most valuable lessons here are:

 1. Trust your instincts. Lindsey knew things felt wrong, so she requested the lumps be tested, thereby saving Cami’s life.

2. Make time to celebrate the ones you love. Moments like this remind us of how precious and fleeting things are. 

Lindsey is a huge advocate for pets and runs a super fun and educational website for the pet-lover community called Petculiar.  She shares crafts and coloring pages, tips and support, and resources for owners. Check it out over here–> https://www.petculiar.com

  1. Morgan says:

    I love that you were able to do this for Cami and her humans!! And I am even more glad to hear that Cami is healthy again and she didn’t have to lose her ear. What a great story and the photos really capture her playful personality!

    • Alicia Rios says:

      Yes, we are all so glad that she is healthy again, too, and finally out of the shameful cone. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Morgan!

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