Stunning Mirrored Lake at Sunrise + Why the Details Matter | Austin Texas Family Photography


For all the talking up I do of sunrises, I am so glad that this one did not disappoint. This Austin Family Photo Session of 3 was what my sunrise dreams are made of.

So often when I am photographing a family I hear from the parents that they have not had professional photos taken since their own wedding. And maybe not even then. If you are in the same boat, you are not alone but I really advise you to break the cycle. Sooner rather than later.

This last year has taught me a lot about loss, the value of time, and the importance of capturing the littlest things. Presence is something I’m having to work on in my own life, but I think it’s something we are all struggling with to some degree.

When I think back on the things, times, or people I’ve lost, do you know what I always miss the most? It’s always the details, the simple things, the routines I took for granted. The sound of a deep throaty belly laugh, the click-clacking of the paws following me down the hall, the morning routines I forgot to bask in because I felt inconvenienced at the time.

The things you are going to miss when these moments have passed you by are not the big moments you are expecting, but the little ones. The everyday ones.


The grass was dewy from the morning and the days of rain, so any time little K stepped in the grass, he checked his new shoes for mud… eventually refusing to stand in the grass at all. (Definitely don’t blame a kid for wanting to keep his new shoes new looking.)

So to combat the problem, I suggested we take off his shoes. And when we were done, Mom and Dad put them back on.

This is an action they’ve surely done a thousand times that probably hasn’t felt too spectacular. Do I think Mom thought at this moment, “Alicia really knows how to capture the good stuff”? Ha, no. But I know that this is a routine that will likely be treasured when he outgrows her lap and doesn’t need her help to put his shoes on anymore. That is the moment when I think she’ll pull out this photo and say, “Man, I’m really glad I can look at this and remember what those days felt like.” Those tiny toes and being the mom to K when he needed her for so much.

Carve out the details of the daily, seemingly unimportant moments of your life and preserve them while you can.

Your littles are not going to be little very long. And you are already finding that each stage of little is different, aren’t you?

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