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These photographs perfectly capture the magic of childhood to me and showcase the lightheartedness of being a kid in a family that loves you so well.

Capturing the Magic of Childhood | Family Session at Landa Library

November 8, 2018

Meet the lovely Miller Family, a party of 3! We recently joined this sweet family for an Austin Sunset Family Session at Walnut Creek. Tiffany and Ryan said they wanted photos of their family to capture where they are now in their lives and celebrate their baby girl being a year old. Like it does with all new parents, time had slipped away more quickly than expected and they didn’t want to miss any more chances to document their family as they are now.  (<—That last part is so important, folks. DOCUMENT. DOCUMENT. DOCUMENT. Then Document some more.)

Walnut Creek Park Family Photos | The Millers

December 30, 2017

We recently met up with the Andersons near their favorite family park for this Austin family session to celebrate their new family of FOUR! Sarah and Wade just had their sweet baby girl this spring and her big brother is delighted to have someone to help look after. It’s so endearing to watch how he naturally dotes on his sister like you would hope a big brother would.

Sunset Family Photos at Mills Pond | The Andersons

December 19, 2017

During one part of the session, when I asked D if he would give his mom a kiss– he leaned in with all the passion and enthusiasm of a 4-year-old boy– kissing her right on the lips (instead of the cheek as I intended)! I think it’s pretty clear that he learned how to love his mom so fearlessly from watching his father do the same.

Relaxed, Sunrise Family Portraits in Austin | the Herreras

December 13, 2017

We bundled up baby P, used some hand warmers between shots, and took warm-up breaks to make it through the chilly 40* October weather. This beautiful family showed that an early wake-up call and a cold front wouldn’t hinder their Austin Family Session, and the proof is in the pudding.

Sunrise Family Photo Session | Brushy Creek Park

October 31, 2017