Walnut Creek Park Family Photos | The Millers

Meet the lovely Miller Family, a party of 3! We recently joined this sweet family for an Austin Sunset Family Session at Walnut Creek. Tiffany and Ryan said they wanted photos of their family to capture where they are now in their lives and celebrate their baby girl being a year old. Like it does with all new parents, time had slipped away more quickly than expected and they didn’t want to miss any more chances to document their family as they are now.  (<—That last part is so important, folks. DOCUMENT. DOCUMENT. DOCUMENT. Then Document some more.)

Value your precious life enough to document it.

It will change. Time moves too quickly. Once it’s gone, you can never get it back. So, if you want photos of something, or someone, or some part of your life—> set it into motion. 

Now that Baby Girl Z is 13 months, she’s fast as a bullet. Tiffany told us Z had just started walking about a week before the session date and I was shocked at how quickly she moved on those two little legs of hers. She moved with such confidence and without any hesitation. She did not want to be held. Now that she knows how to use her own two feet, you’re best advised to just move out of her way. I love a strong-willed young woman, so we happily obliged and just let her be herself. I can see Z’s personality all over these images, and I hope she’ll look back at her young self here and admire the courage and zest she had so early to just take on the world. 

Thank you so much, Tiffany and Ryan!  It was such a fun adventure to chase around your perfect, little family. 

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