Women’s Personal Branding and Lifestyle Photography | Austin Boardwalk

Last week Andi and I headed to the Austin Boardwalk to shoot some personal branding and lifestyle photographs for her new website and season of life! It was a gorgeous, breezy evening out on Townlake and we had a hell of a time laughing, getting to know each other’s stories, and playing dress up while we ran around the boardwalk between bikes and runners. Then as the sun set, we stayed to catch the moment the bats flew out from under Congress bridge and filled the purple sky. 

If you’re launching a new business, rebranding, or just needing a fresh set of photographs for yourself, your social media & website, or even for a dating app, you should schedule a session. Any occasion life throws your way is reason enough to celebrate with some personal photographs. 

And with that, I’m so happy to announce that Alicia Leigh Photography is officially offering services for lifestyle and personal branding photography, so if you’ve been on the fence about updating your photos–now is the time for you to hop on over! 

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