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When we are planning for your branding photos, we want you to really consider who your ideal audience is and how you want to connect with them.

Your brand photos are about you — especially when you’re the face of your brand or business— but they’re not only about you.

Branding photography is a chance for us to communicate with the people we want to be reaching. To speak directly to them.

But you don’t want to speak to everyone. If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re reaching no one.

You want some people to land on your website and think, because you communicated well, “yeah, this is not the person for me.”

We’ll consider this when we begin planning.

We want to highlight the things about you and your business that are unique to you — but we want to do it with your customer in mind.

We have to think beyond the things that you like if they don’t suit your customer.

Think about who you want to connect with and ask yourself:

  • What does your target customer want to see?

  • What do they relate to?

  • What things resonate with them?

  • What do they value and does your business align with these values?

  • How do we want THEM to feel when they see your photos?

For this Austin Brand Photo Session, we kept Laura’s target audience in mind.
Looking through this session, I see the warmth and feel an invitation. Laura has helped visually create a safe space that lets me as a viewer feel soothed and calm. Things are minimal and not overwhelming.

She is speaking to an audience who wants these things, who values beauty and nature and their healing powers, and who may feel a spiritual calling.

Your brand photos should communicate a message to your audience — invite them in or send them away.

Use these questions to begin thinking beyond the things you like and towards what your ideal client would value.

How can we speak to them to convey your value and show them they’re in the right place?

When you’re ready to start communicating better to your target audience with beautiful brand imagery— shoot me a message and we can work through some of these questions together!

  1. Deyla Elliott says:

    Such a great blog post with questions to continue considering as a business owner – and such great photos shown as well!!

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