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I’m Alicia and since 2012, I’ve been helping women across  Austin, Texas embrace who they are and finally feel good in front of the camera. I guide creative business owners through the process of visual storytelling to get their brands noticed so they can add value to the lives of others. Together, we build brands that makes connections from the heart by approaching your story from a place of passion and vulnerability.
We will craft strategic and scroll-stopping brand photos so you can build your business, your bank, and your confidence. 

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strategic Photographer // brand Educator // Confidence Builder

Heartfelt Photographer // Branding Educator // Confidence Builder

Heartfelt Photographer // Branding Educator // Confidence Builder

strategic Photographer | brand Educator | Confidence Builder

Austin Branding & lifestyle Photographer

Once A Teacher,                      A Teacher

Before I found brand photography, I was a dedicated full-time elementary teacher. When I gave up teaching, I worried all that effort and skill would go to waste. Thankfully, I was wrong. That first path has made me that much better at serving my clients today.

Now instead of planning lessons, I plan shoots. Teaching still happens through my work to help educate clients. Long before we show up for your session, we are performing behind-the-scenes work to make your shoot a true success. Throughout the entire process, I hold my client's hand and ya better believe I'll do the same for you.

Nowadays, my photography extends into the realm of education for the creative community. Before our session, you will receive all the resources you need to achieve your unique personal and professional goals. I'll show you how we can build a visual brand that is authentic to you while connecting with your dream clients. And I promise you will never feel left behind -- you'll have me in your corner. 

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A heart-driven mission

I realized the power of photography when I began photographing other women. It ignites my spirit to have my camera as a tool that serves in the rebuilding of a person's self-image after years of damage and comparison. 

In our social media-focused world, with a never-ending parade of curated beauty and make-believe, it’s easy to slip into a cycle of doubt and self-criticism and act as our own worst critics. Let's get you out of your way and feeling great.

The Power of
Great brand Photos

This isn't like your bad photo experiences of the past. You won't be left to figure this all out on your own or made to feel like you're not good enough in our space. You belong here.

It's totally fine if you're newer to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, too. Coupled with strategy and planning, I'll be here to offer you lots of support and encouragement and I'll even tell you what to do with those hands. I know it can feel awkward to be in front of the camera, but this is different. We're going to do it in a way that leaves you feeling great in your own skin again and ready to finally start showing back up in your business.

Together, we'll get your target audience to resonate with the real you and turn them into raving fans. And we'll have a hell of a good time as we do it, too.

At Alicia Leigh Photography, we care about:



This is a safe space to share your heart and embrace who you are.



Your truth and imperfection are part of your beauty.



We seek to increase confidence to embrace new opportunities.






You have something valuable and unique to offer others.


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