The Personal Branding Experience

How We Get To The Heart Of Your Business

What To Expect

Together, we’ll identify your brand words and values that will help guide the creative direction and mood of your branding session. Your photo session is a guided opportunity to feel beautiful and confident as your true self— and to make your photos a beautiful reflection of you and your business.⁣

This is a space where you are given the freedom to feel and know that you only have to be who you already are. We keep it real (and super fun.) 

If you are a business owner or creator, and you’re simply looking for headshots, let me give you a heads up: you need more than just a great headshot. While getting you a great headshot is always one of our priorities, I’m here to help you get so much more.

After all, research shows that consumers value connection and authenticity from the brands they buy from far above prices or anything else.

More Than Headshots

More than giving you a good face to show the world, I want to help you bring your brand and business to life in an authentic way so that you better connect with your clients/customers. ⁣Your images can be used for all of your digital content, including your newsletter, social media posts, LinkedIn updates, marketing campaigns, website images, and anywhere else your business shows up online. 

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“The best gift you are ever going to give someone— the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough."

 — Hannah Brencher

The Heartfelt Brand Experience



To get started, simply book your free consultation. During our chat, we’ll brainstorm for your brand, set a date for your session, and get to the heart of you and your session goals. 

The way you talk about what you do, the excitement in your voice, even the heartbreak you carry with you gives you that little bit of edge or softness that is uniquely your own - and it's simply not possible to capture all of that in a single questionnaire.⁣ 

Once I understand you and your passion for your brand, your photos will reflect you and what you do - but most importantly, they’ll capture your wild heart.



Once we have a plan in place, you can begin the fun prep work: shopping for props and wardrobe, finding inspiration, and auditing your website and content needs.

We’ll decide on a location for your session, which can be either in the studio or on-location. ⁣

Our natural light studio space, located in north Austin can be styled in endlessly different ways. ⁣⁣



It’s your day to feel seen, celebrated, and taken care of. While the entire session is fun, my favorite part of each branding session tends to fall in the last 15-20 minutes.⁣ 

By that point, I've learned the things that seem most natural about you, we've knocked out the “Shots To Get” list, and you're feeling relaxed and confident. This is when we play. We throw out all the rules, expectations, and "buttoned-up-ness." This is the moment when can be our most inspired selves and create true brand magic.⁣




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It’s time to start showing up in all your imperfect, quirky, creative glory. Let’s embrace what makes you different and lean in to your authentic self by revealing the heart of your business. Booking your luxury experience today means taking the first step toward heartfelt visual content that will stop their scroll tomorrow. 

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Your starting luxury experience


• Minimum 40+ Brand Photos
• Soft-Retouch + Professional Editing
• Online Viewing Gallery
• High-Res and Web-Size Image Downloads
• Commercial Usage Rights

STARTING FROm $1100-$3000

• Free Consultation Call
• Brand Audit + Questionnaire
• Email Support + Check-ins
• Branding Session Guide

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• Session Shot List
• Variety of Shots
• 1 Hour Session in Studio
• Excellent Client Service

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