Alicia is the kind of photographer that you'd want your bestie to be for you - she wants to find every perfect angle, every silly/hot/smoldering/gorgeous/joyous facet of your personality, and she wants the YOU THAT YOU ARE to shine in every way.

Trust Alicia. Embrace that posing for a camera feels weird and uncomfortable as all get out, but you'll get your photos and go "hold up, I look like that?? I'm a friggin' bombshell."

"Trust Alicia."

– Megan DOWD

Alicia was an absolute joy to work with! She was warm, inviting and open to trying new things which made me feel at ease. I loved the initial consultation - she was very interested in knowing about me as person to gauge how to reflect that in my photos and to attract my ideal clients.

On the day of my shoot - I was a nervous wreck and was in near tears as I drove to her studio. But something magical happened when I got out of my car to meet her... she greeted me with the BIGGEST hug ever and offered to take my wedding items into the studio. I don't know if she felt that I needed it but I did!

This set the tone for the rest of my time with her. She was funny and polite and gentle at times when needed. I was so surprised by her and my only complaint was that I couldn't stay with her longer! When I received my gallery of photos, I was almost speechless. She had captured the very best of me and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to share in this journey with me.

"almost speechless"


"already booking my next shoot!"

From the second you book a call with her, you are super supported and held, and she ensures that you feel good all the way through the photoshoot process. She thinks of every little detail and really learns who you are and what your brand is about. 
I just got my photo gallery back this week and am already booking my next shoot. I absolutely recommend working with Alicia and I cannot say enough good things about her!

– steph orosco

WOW! Let me just start by saying if you are on the fence or don't know if you should invest in this brand experience... DO IT!

Alicia is the best photographer we have ever worked with. From the attention to detail to the overall experience from start to finish was nothing short of flawless and of the utmost professionalism. We feel so confident in our brand and what we have to market with and Alicia helped us find that.

She is so personable and so much fun to work with. If I could rate more than 5 stars, I would. Best investment EVER!

"best investment ever!"

– emily matthews

"...client inquiries have increased!"

I've gotten so many compliments on my social media photos and website, but more importantly, my client inquiries have increased! The credibility that amazing, professional quality, and well-thought out photos brought to my brand is incredible. Thank you, Alicia! You truly have a gift for seeing and calling out the best in people...I'll be back for another session!

– JOELLEN goldsberry

I booked Alicia’s Signature Experience for a branded photo shoot and I was completely blown away!! In the past, I dreaded branded photo shoots due to the massive amount of pressure and work put onto me. But not with Alicia! Alicia helped me SO much — from spending time with me strategizing/brainstorming ideas, to putting together an incredibly detailed game plan, and to helping me set-up backdrops. One of the biggest things that sets Alicia apart from other photographers is that she spends time getting to know you and your brand so that she’s able to not only exceed your goals, but make you feel like a confident QUEEN.

I HIGHLY recommend Alicia to anyone who is thinking about a branded photo shoot. Working with Alicia completely transformed everything I knew about branded photo shoos. Who knew they could actually be fun?? Alicia has a lifetime client in me and I will definitely be back in her studio for my next branded shoot.

"Transformed everything i knew"


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