Alicia is the kind of photographer that you'd want your bestie to be for you - she wants to find every perfect angle, every silly/hot/smoldering/gorgeous/joyous facet of your personality, and she wants the YOU THAT YOU ARE to shine in every way.
Trust Alicia.

Embrace that posing for a camera feels weird and uncomfortable as all get out, but you'll get your photos and go "hold up, I look like that?? I'm a friggin' bombshell."

"Trust Alicia."

– Megan

Alicia was an absolute joy to work with! She was warm, inviting and open to trying new things which made me feel at ease. I loved the initial consultation - she was very interested in knowing about me as person to gauge how to reflect that in my photos and to attract my ideal clients.

On the day of my shoot - I was a nervous wreck and was in near tears as I drove to her studio. But something magical happened when I got out of my car to meet her... she greeted me with the BIGGEST hug ever and offered to take my wedding items into the studio. I don't know if she felt that I needed it but I did!

This set the tone for the rest of my time with her. She was funny and polite and gentle at times when needed. I was so surprised by her and my only complaint was that I couldn't stay with her longer! When I received my gallery of photos, I was almost speechless. She had captured the very best of me and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to share in this journey with me.

"something magical happened..."

– Kay

"I felt like I was playing dress-up."

I highly recommend Alicia if you're looking for amazing photos and want to have fun in the process. I needed professional photos done for my new website and she made the whole experience easy and comfortable. We had fun, laughed, and I got amazing photos that I am in love with!!! I felt like I was playing dress-up and taking photos with my sister! Can't wait for another session with her!

– Staci

I would highly recommend Alicia to any business owners! Every business needs her service, especially those who are solopreneurs/creatives/personal brands. The investment is 100% worth it and you’ll be able to use the images for years to come.

We hired Alicia because we wanted to begin growing our brand recognition (through our social and a new site) and knew we would need professional images! I think I had maybe 4 photos of myself in my entire camera roll, and none and them were professional enough to use for business purposes. I knew Alicia’s photos would really help elevate the site.

Everything was very well explained and Alicia's on-boarding experience was seamless! I had no questions/hesitations about the actual shooting day, because I knew exactly what to expect and felt well prepared.

For as much as we hate being in front of the camera, the experience was very fun and effortless! Alicia made sure that we felt confident and that we got all the shots we wanted/needed.

It's such an amazing feeling when you have content/images that truly represent the quality of your brand/business. I love using the images literally every day, whether it's for Instagram, our website, or for our client resources. We’ll be using her services again, especially as we’re growing our team!

"The investment is 100% worth it!"

– Maddy

"'ll be well worth the trip!"

She's an absolute joy to work with. I don't know how Alicia does it, but somehow she instantly puts you at ease and makes the whole experience fun. And best of all, the photos are amazing, and I actually look like ME! We live at opposite ends of the country, but next time I need photos, it'll be well worth the trip!

– Laura

If you haven’t been to see Alicia you’re missing out on something wonderful! It’s not just about being photographed, although I’ve never met anyone more talented and artistic than Alicia, it’s more about having someone understand who you are, how you want to be seen, and is able to do that effortlessly.

Her level of professional competency speaks through her ability to make all of this look effortless and not staged. Alicia knows how to beautifully showcase the essence of you, making you feel beautiful and empowered at the same time. She is fun, delightful, very professional, and the whole process is effortless. It feels like you’re hanging out with your good friend laughing and being your natural self. She takes beautiful, personal, and gorgeous photos that make camera shy people like me feel proud!

The experience you have with her is one you will remember for a lifetime, and it was most certainly help you, your business, and especially your personal brand!

"...look effortless and not staged..."

– Jennifer

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