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One of my favorite things about branding photography is having the ability to fully infuse your personality and brand values into your session. Every single brand photoshoot is therefore unique, even when we’re using the same space or location.

When you’re working with a brand photographer, your session should be a collaboration. I say this all the time. We are collaborators and I’m here to listen to what you have to say and to explore your ideas too.

Think of it like we’re cooking together in the kitchen:

We’re planning to make a fancy pasta salad! Yum. We’re both very excited about this because pasta salad is the real deal, alright? (This is the truth, too.)

I bring the pasta and the utensils— my style, creativity, eye, and craft to the mix — but you are what brings the salad to life.

You are the dressing, the veggies, the seasonings. We sprinkle you all in, highlighting the flavors that are only yours. Making it pack a delicious punch.

Without you, I’ve just got pasta in a bowl. I mean, it’s cooked really nicely and all, I even salted it. But you bring all the other components that make it memorable.

Working with you is what keeps me from going hungry. I’m always getting to try a new recipe, enjoy something new. You are constant inspiration for my soul.

Your personality makes every session shine. I love that.

The Inspo & Meaning behind this bold Austin, Texas Branding Session in Studio

Megan (check her out here) helps teach strategic storytelling for small business owners and also created a movement to support entrepreneurs navigating their business, called #HumanFirstBizSecond. In her case, she is full of personality and amazing things to say, so we made a damn fine pasta salad.

With the “Human-First” approach, Megan reminds us to prioritize our humanity while running a business, in essence putting our mental health and well-being at the forefront so that we can then in turn be overall better business owners and contributors to the world (including our own, obviously).

This drove the inspiration behind our Austin brand photo session which Megan came all the way from Minnesota for!

One of the things Megan encourages is being artful, intentional, and mindful of what we’re sharing online. She points out that some people tend to “dump their dirty laundry” on the internet (emotional dumping). This can alienate and exhaust your audience. That’s why she coined “the One-Sock Method” for sharing online.

With all that in mind, we infused these touchpoints into her branding session— including dirty laundry and lots of socks. Megan’s brand is very personal and relatable, which is why we included a mix of bed-shots, desk shots, and headshots!

When it’s your turn for an Austin personal branding photo session, you can bet I’ll do the same for you.

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