Copywriter’s Edgy Brand Photo Shoot in ATX

These Austin brand photos for a local copywriter take a fresh, edgy spin to capture her personal brand. It is one of my new favorite sessions to date!

Planning these unique Austin brand photos with Sarah helped make her session goals clear. Sarah needed content that would feel fresh and original and help her elevate her website — so she could attract her ideal clients (and repel her not-so-ideal clients) right off the bat. Likewise, she aimed to capture more natural warmth, fun, and attitude through her imagery. Previously, she had been using the same brand photos for a couple of years and had fully outgrown them.

To start, I wanted to help Sarah create something that spoke to her nature as a business owner and the original work she creates for her clients.

Sarah had mentioned that she isn’t naturally the smiliest person and a lot of the older photos she’d taken with other photographers didn’t have the best expressions.

Expressions make or break your photos.

Note: Natural, genuine expressions are one of my biggest focuses during a session and while I’m curating a client’s gallery. If you’re looking for a brand photographer, pay attention to the expressions of their clients in their portfolio. Do the clients look relaxed and natural? Or do their expressions feel forced? Bad or inauthentic expressions should be a red flag for a potential hire. You want to trust that they can put you at ease and capture the best sides of you.

In Sarah’s case, it was important to have these brand photos capture real warmth and some sass while we also made sure to sprinkle them with genuine smiles.

I had a few ideas for ways we could make Sarah’s brand photos stand out and bring life and excitement back to her website. I knew we could create something different for her brand imagery. With that in mind, I still had to be sure they felt like her. Thankfully, when I shared my ideas with Sarah she was up for trying them!

Collaboration is key to a great experience and a great outcome.

Sometimes my ideas are off the cuff and can sound a bit wacky without the full context or an open mind, but sSarah trusted my vision for these Austin brand photos and leaned into the concepts I had. With that, the ending result created a beautiful transformation and we had so much fun creating them together.

Her personal brand photos now reflect how she has grown as a business owner and where she is going as a creative.

Here are the results:

Are you a creative business owner who is looking for your own content and/or copy help? You can check out Sarah’s work over here.

Remember that your brand photos will be the face of your website. They will often speak for you to your viewer. As a result, don’t rush the planning process for your shoot. Give your session the time and attention it deserves.

Above all, work with a brand photographer you trust.

Your photographer should help you implement brand strategy and planning and guide you throughout the session to help you capture the most natural expressions. Your photos should capture who you are and help you stand out from your competitors. Sometimes that means thinking outside of the box.

Are you ready to start planning for your own personal brand photos here in Austin? Book a free discovery call to learn more!

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