Fun-Inspired Personal Branding Session for Creative Entrepreneurs | Austin TX Brand Photography

Being an entrepreneur is tough business, let alone being a creative entrepreneur. You’re a business owner but you’re also an artist. That can be a tough combo to manage and it also makes it extra important that your brand photos stand out from the crowd.

That’s why I love lifestyle branding photography because the approach is fun and natural and so much more you.

Consider your brand personality and your strenghths. What does someone get when they work with you? How do you want your photos to make your clients feel when they look at them? What message are you trying to send?

Holly and AJ are the perfect example of how with some careful planning and thought, we can totally customize your personal branding session to fully represent the different aspects of your brand and make sure your positioning and visual storytelling attract your target audience.

Holly is also a local Austin photographer and she’s a total blast. Holly, and her partner and teammate AJ, are also among the most genuinely sweet-hearted people I’ve ever met. They’re an awesome duo and they just so happen to love cocktails. We wanted her photos to show the full mix and the laidback, friendliness they exude.

If you’re totally terrified about booking branding photos and you’re thinking, “Am I even ready!? Will I look good in my photos? Do I even deserve to be here?” the answer is always YES. No one comes into the session for their branding photos automatically thinking they’re a freaking glorious model who is going to crush it and know what the hell to do with their hands. That’s not an indication of anything other than the fact that you care. And good, you should.

When it comes to preparing for your branding session, we’ll talk about your business needs and goals and we’ll devise a plan to help you show up in all the best ways so the world can see all the wonderfulness you are offering up! And don’t worry, I’ll direct you the whole way through and tell you where to place those hands. I can’t wait to get you started!

You can check out Holly, AJ and their wedding photography over here!

P.S. Holly and AJ, I can’t thank you enough for entrusting me with this special opportunity and giving me the space and freedom to create for you in my own way. You two are the greatest and I have been so honored. THANK YOU! <3

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