Light-Hearted Brand Session for Vegan Blogger | Austin Brand Photographer for Women

I bet I know what you’re thinking. Does it go something like this?

…“Alicia, but… I’m awkward. I mean, I really do not know what to do with my hands. There’s no way I could look as good at these other folks because they all seem at ease so they clearly know what they’re doing and I do not at all.”

Maybe you think photos of yourself never turn out well (I have a way of helping you show up beautifully and naturally on camera). Or maybe you’re someone, like Monique here, who has never even had as she put it, “proper photos taken”.

Does any of this sound familiar? Go ahead and get in line, my friend. I assure you, you’re in the right place. Whatever self-doubt or excuses you’ve had, we’ve had them too. Let’s change that for you.

When Monique initially reached out to me, she was excited and overwhelmed. She was starting a blog that focused on weight loss by vegan healthy living, cooking, and eating and knew she would benefit from personal headshots and brand photos for her blog, but with this all being new to her, she told me she had no idea what to expect or do and would love my guidance.

When we finished her experience, here’s what Monique had to say about her Personalized Austin Branding Photos:

“What?!?!?! I cannot believe this is me!!!!!! I’m adorable!!! Hahahahahahh! These photographs are beautiful and I can’t thank you enough. Alicia, you did a wonderful, wonderful job. Truly, it’s beyond my expectations!”

Monique said the whole experience left her feeling “wonderful and relaxed….and pretty.” WHICH SHE IS.

My favorite thing about this session is her joyous and contagious spirit. And you can see it! These brand content photos we got seep of her fun-loving nature. Can’t you feel her heart jumping off the screen? She is stunning and radiant and I got to be the person to witness and capture it for her.

The things she might have thought would make her appear “awkward” on camera are instead her superpowers. And I bet yours are too.

Embrace your inner goddess and let’s let her shine.

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