An Important Question to Inspire your Branding Photo Session | Austin Brand Photography

When it comes to your Austin branding photoshoot, having a good sense of who you are as a brand + who you want to serve is one of the jumping-off points for us. I always ask: What do you want your ideal client to think when they see your branding photos?

Here are some quick ideas:

“She looks like she’d be a lot of fun! I think I’d love having her around.”

“She seems very professional and trustworthy.”

“From her smile, I feel like she must be warm and easy to connect with, and that’s just what I need.”

Your answer to questions like these will really inspire and narrow down the direction of your branding session.

Your ideal client and your super-power as a business owner will lead us in the decisions we make about your photo location, your personal brand wardrobe, the work items + props we tie in, the colors and overall mood we set, and even down to your expressions and poses.

Remember, you can’t be, and certainly wouldn’t want to be, the business for every person in your area. So, as much as we want to help you visually attract the right clients, your decisions will also help us repel the wrong clients for you too— and that’s a good thing! Together, we’ll focus on sending the right message to the right people through your business photos.

This session here is a great example of how we used Kay’s brand strengths and personality to set the tone and inspire the mood of her Austin branding photos.

Kay is a wedding planner serving Austin, Killeen, and the Greater Central Texas Area. She explained that the inspiration to start her business came as a result of her learning firsthand how tough it is to plan your own wedding and having to be focused on all the details. In hindsight, she could have really used someone who helped her call the shots and made sure things went according to plan so she could be fully present and just enjoy the beauty of the day.

Knowing how much she missed about her own wedding, Kay’s mission is to be the person she wished she had for herself: a planner that is much like a dear friend. She shows up for you in all the best ways.

These things inspired the details of our photo session. Kay’s warm and relatable, she’s got your back, puts you at ease, always cheers you on, and worries about the details so you don’t have to.

Now, what do you want your clients or customers to feel and think when they see your branding photos?

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