Austin Brand Photographer | Yes, You Are Worth It

I’ll be honest, there is a chance you might be overwhelmed by your own self-inflicted fears & pressures to make your personal branding photo session really count that the imposter monster decides to rear its ugly head. You wouldn’t be the first to freak out a little beforehand.

Something weird that happens when we begin to invest in ourselves and decide to step in front of a camera. New doubts begin creeping in and we may wonder things like:

  • “Am I really worth it?”

  • “Do I deserve to be here?

  • “Who am I to get my hair and makeup done?”

  • “What if I look terrible in all these photos I’m paying for?”

  • “I’m so awkward, I’m surely going to embarrass myself.”

It might not happen until the morning of or it might happen a few weeks out when you’re trying to get ready and thinking ahead making preparations. Hey, it might not happen at all!

But if/when it does happen, clients will show up and after I ask them how they are they whisper something along the lines of, “Well…I freaked out a little this morning on the way here so I’m feeling kinda nervous. I really hope I do a good job.”

There’s a lot of pressure that builds up, especially when you are the face and the brand of your very own business.

Here’s your friendly reminder and PSA: YOU ARE SO WORTH IT. Not only do you totally deserve to feel beautiful and pampered and walk away with some awesome branding photos for your business, but your business deserves this, too.

Below are some words from a client that address her concerns about her own Austin branding session with me. Please read how her branding photo experience helped transform her confidence and defeat her own self-doubts. YES! This is what I’m always after!

I think I emailed her once a week FREAKING OUT because I kept doubting myself. I felt unprepared, unqualified and just generally anxious about the shoot. I’m telling you, every single time I sent her an email freaking out, she would know exactly what to say to talk me off the ledge. The way she helped me reason through some of my fears made me realize that I deserve this shoot, my business deserved this shoot, and that there’s no better time than now.

I was the most comfortable I have ever been in front of the camera and I’m usually VERY self-conscious about pictures. I never felt like I didn’t know what to do because she always had the answer. She helped me feel beautiful, empowered, and that it was 100% OK to be myself. AND we had sooo much fun! There was not a single awkward or quiet moment. I left that place feeling so much more confident. Even today, three weeks later, I feel so much more beautiful and confident as a businesswoman from that shoot.

You’re not in this alone and we are going to KNOCK. IT. OUT. OF. THE. PARK at your brand photo shoot!

Now say it with me:

“Get out of here, imposter monster.”

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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