Where to Take Your Austin Brand Photos

Are you wondering where to take your Austin brand photos?

Clients often ask whether they should go with an on-location option or use my Austin studio for their brand photo session. My response is usually…

“Well, it depends.”

This is why we have a discovery call before we get to the booking process.

When we chat, I’ll ask things like…

What do you want these photos to capture of (or for) you?

What lifestyle are we trying to depict to your audience?

How do you want your photos to feel?

Where do you do most of your work?

What feelings are you wanting to elicit?

Do you want to “style” a set?

Your answers will tell us a lot and sometimes we’ll know the best option for your brand photos almost immediately!

When shooting on location in Austin, we aren’t always able to be in full control. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It comes with its own pros and cons.

Some drawbacks of shooting on location:

  1. We don’t have any say on what the weather decides to do that day (humidity and my curls are a tough combo).

  2. We can’t always predict what other people will be doing or how many people will be there, though I sure try! (That can mean onlookers, crowds, or even sometimes strange people doing or wearing strange things)

  3. Changing clothes can be tricky — especially when there aren’t any bathrooms nearby or they aren’t open to the public.

  4. There is usually lots of walking and relocating, as needed

  5. Texas Mosquitoes and well… bugs.

  6. Some Austin areas have fees associated with using their space for photography

  7. The best time of day to shoot is usually sunrise or sunset when shooting outdoors. Or for indoor locations, the light of the space determines the time of day we should use it. So… a bit less flexibility there.

Some perks of shooting on location:

  1. Sometimes on location, we get the most gorgeous light that adds warmth and a tinge of romance to your photos

  2. The wind occasionally decides to be our friend just when we need or want it

  3. Natural and environmental elements (and sometimes the right people) can offer your photos a sense of time and place

  4. It can be a bit of a sweet adventure that makes things even more magical

  5. No need to style a set, less prep work and shoot time (but styling a set is a pro of shooting in the studio!)

  6. The location can act as a bit of its own prop sometimes

  7. Getting to show you in your natural element or true space and/or doing the work you do in real-time

For some clients, the perfect solution is using both— shooting in the studio AND then shooting again on location another time.

We first photographed Megan in the studio and styled the set for her content needs. We got a ton of variety and flexibility doing that.

You can see her in-studio session here!

We took her out on the town to capture a bit more of her personal side and show her travels to Austin for her brand photos (since she came all the way from Minnesota for her shoot)!

Below, you can see her inviting sunset boardwalk branding photos and how we used the city as a “prop” of its own!

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