When Should You Invest in Brand Photography?

As a brand photographer, I often get asked by new business owners:

How do I know it’s time to book my brand photography session?

Have you caught yourself wondering “should I start thinking about my own personal brand photos?” Yes? Then you’re likely already in need of planning for your own shoot.

You May Not Be Ready for a Full Branding Session if:

When you’re still in the planning stages of something big, you’re working out a lot of details, or you’re just starting your business, you may not be ready for a full branding photo session yet. Instead, you could benefit from just a few updated headshots to hold you over. Save the full brand photography investment for when you have a clearer idea of where you’re business is going and what your photo needs will be.

But if you’re up and running a business and you’ve never had photos —- it’s time, friend!

10 Signs you’re ready for personal brand photography for your business:

  1. You’re launching a new website/business (CONGRATS! That’s a full site’s worth of content you’ll need to help you stand out and establish credibility)

  2. You have (or haven’t been but you want to start planning) a social media content calendar for your small business because you want to show up better online

  3. You have a business blog or you send out a newsletter and you know it doesn’t feel “on brand” for your business and could use some sprucing, especially if engagement is low

  4. You are struggling with Imposter Syndrome and it’s holding you back. If you’re lacking confidence, it may be that you know you’re not standing out in the best light. Part of the reason may be that you have outgrown where you started and it’s time to make some changes or you may not believe you’re as “professional-looking” as you could be.

  5. You want to raise your prices but you’re still not getting a ton of traction where you are now

  6. You’re running a full-fledged business but you’ve never had a branding photoshoot

  7. You’re using headshots that are 3-10 years old and you don’t have much in the way of photos (We need to re-establish your credibility and show people who you are now!)

  8. You’re not serving your ideal clients. You feel that you’ve outgrown the business owner you were and you have the sense your photos aren’t relaying that to your audience.

  9. You’re getting featured somewhere! (YAY, you!)

  10. People don’t understand/connect with who you are or what it is you do and your current photos (or lack thereof) doesn’t make it easier for them

Are you currently staring down this list and your gut is starting to tug or get all fluttery… let me alert you to the fact that that means it’s time. Your body always knows first, so time to listen to it.

When we are newer in business we often say to ourselves, “I’m not ready yet”. Be sure that’s true because not investing in professional brand photography for your small business is a mistake that can significantly hurt and delay your growth. You’re likely to lose money.

Brand photography sessions go well beyond “good headshots” that you slap up on LinkedIn. And the good news is that brand photography is a business marketing expense, just like your CPA or your CRM. You’ll be able to write off ALL THIS FUN at the end of the year because good photos are a necessity, not just a privilege. <3


My Signature Brand Photography Experience is a comprehensive process that I’ve developed for my Austin clients.

We customize your photos to fill your unique business needs. We’ll create an entire gallery of photos that fill the visual gaps and we’ll get you more than just a “headshot”.

Professional Branding Photography is important in that it helps you up-level your business’ all-around online presence, build your trust factor with your target audience, and also strengthens your engagement on your social media platforms … + more.

I’d love to help you get started!

Here’s a look at Staci’s Austin Brand Photography Session done in our studio. She launched her business “Organize to Scale” and knew she was ready to invest in her photography. Her business had quickly grown and she was finally building out her first website to attract more of her ideal customers.

Check out her feminine and professional entrepreneur photos below. We positioned her as “credible” while still showing that she had a lot of personality as a business owner. What do you think?

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